Thera-Paw Dog Shoe - Small/TB

Thera-Paw Dog Shoe - Small/TB
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Because Thera-Paw products are used for medical purposes and have the risk of transmitting infection, once they have been worn by a pet, they cannot be restocked/resold, even if it it’s merely for fitting purposes. Full refunds (excluding shipping) can only be issued if the item is returned unused and returned unopened in its original packaging.

The Thera-Paw dog shoe provides ultimate protection for painful and injured paws.  Excellent for indoor and outdoor us.  Rubberized sole provides excellent traction on slippery floors such as hardwood and tile.  Easy to put on and they stay on!  Provides protection against environmental hazards such as ice, salt, and hot pavement (or sand).  Water resistant - makes for an excellent swimming shoe. 

Please note: Thera-Paw shoes are sold individually. If you'd like a pair of shoes please order the quantity 2. If you'd like a complete set of four shoes please order the quantity 4.

Therapeutic uses of Thera-Paw™ Dog Boots:

  • Paw and bandage protection after surgery
    - As a breathable, protective alternative to bandages, or as a bandage cover after surgery
    To prevent re-injury of tender surgical sites. To protect paws.
    As an alternative to surgery

  • Paw and paw-pad problems
    - For calluses,   corns, and warts,dragging toes, torn tendons, and arthritic or broken toes.
    - For paw injuries such as sore paws,cuts, scrapes, pad burns, or other soft tissue injuries
    - To protect injured paws

  • Aid in therapy
    - To provide traction for unstable dogs, or for those dogs walking on slick surfaces
    - Ideal for hydrotherapy and rehabilitation. Provides traction and protection in the pool and on the treadmill.
    - Using Thera-Paw for Dogs with Unstable Hips and Legs, and Dragging Paws

Product Details:

Therapaw Dog Boot

Sizing Information

While your dog is standing, place a piece of paper under the dog's paw and trace around the paw. Then, remove the paper and take measurements at the widest point (for paw width) and longest point, including nails (for paw length). Since paws splay with added weight, for the most accurate measurements, make sure that your dog is bearing his/her natural weight down on the paw before you make your tracing.  To get the wrist/ankle measurement, measure the circumference at the midpoint of the wrist/ankle.  Then for the front leg, measure the height from the back of the main footpad to the base of the carpal pad.  And/or for the back leg measure the height from the top of the paw to the ankle joint. Remember to allow room for bandaging of the paw if that is required.

Thera-Paw boots are made with a rubber base and a stretchy, breathable, neoprene sock, so they will provide some degree of stretch to fit snugly over the digits.
Product Code
Inner Sole Length
Inner Sole Width

Wrist/Ankle Height
(Small) T/B
up to 2.5"
(Small-Medium 1) T/C
up to 3.0"
(Small-Medium 2) T/D
up to 3.5"
(Medium) T/E
up to 4.0"
(Medium-Large) T/F
up to 4.5"
(Large) T/G
up to 5.5"

What Vets are Saying:
“Can be used as an alternative to surgery for sesamoid bone fractures ... Is useful as a surgical bandage following corn removal, and is useful for the prevention and recurrence of corns ... And Thera-Paw is easy to slip on and off.”

Sean Aiken, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS
The Animal Medical Center
New York, NY


I see two primary applications for Thera-Paw: Post-surgery to protect the bandage and the foot, and post-bandage removal to protect the vulnerable site and prevent re-injury ... I think this product is also useful for corns, where either surgery has failed or the owner has declined surgery ... Thera-Paw is well made with no internal seams to reduce rubbing ... And is well- tolerated ... It provides good overall protection, padding, and support.

Christopher Hunt, BVSc, Diplomate ACVS
The Animal Emergency and Referral Center
 West Caldwell, NJ

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What makes Thera-Paw dog boots different from other ''dog boots''?
A: Most ''dog boots'' are designed to protect HEALTHY paws. Thera-Paw also protects healthy paws but is specifically designed to protect, support, and comfort INJURED paws

Q: What makes Thera-Paw dog boots so comfortable?

Thera-Paw has an ultra-cushioned interior pad that helps to reduce lameness and promote more balanced weight distribution. Thera-Paw's inner seams have been eliminated to minimize rubbing. Thera-Paw's flexible and breathable upper sock gives with the movement of the paw to allow full range of motion.

Q: Will the Thera-Paw boot stay on an active dog?

Yes. Since Thera-Paw is designed for injured paws, it is important that it stay on AND that it stay in place. Thera-Paw has TWO closing components to ensure that it stays on. Thera-Paw has been tested for "staying power" on healthy greyhounds running at speeds of close to 30 miles per hour.

Q: Can Thera-Paw dog boots be worn throughout the day?

Yes. Since paw and paw pad injuries take time to heal, Thera-Paw is designed to be worn for EXTENDED periods.

Q: Is the Thera-Paw dog boot waterproof?

The rubberized sole and toe cover are waterproof. But Thera-Paw's flexible upper sock is made of perforated material, which allows the paw to breathe, and minimizes moisture build-up.

Q: Is the Thera-Paw dog boot easy to maintain?

Yes. To clean Thera-Paw, just rinse it with warm water and ring it out like a sponge. Thera-Paw air dries in less than one hour. You may also use a mild detergent. Thera-Paw tolerates cleaning by washing machine, dishwasher, and autoclave, though these processes may decrease it's longevity.

Q: Who designed the Thera-Paw dog boot?

Thera-Paw was designed by an occupational therapist (with 8 ex-racing greyhound dogs) and by two veterinary surgeons. Thera-Paw was designed to address common paw-related problems.

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Customer Reviews

2011-10-30 00:00:00
"I bought a Thera Paw boot for my greyhound about 2 years ago and it has made the world of difference to him on his daily walks. He was limping badly due to a corn on his back paw and now he walks normally and doesn't seem to know that he has the boot on. It wore out so now it's time to buy a new one and I'm happy to do so. It really changed my dog's favorite activity from a painful uncomfortable one to a pleasurable one again. "
Kathryn L
2011-07-03 00:00:00
"They really seem to help Hershey to walk on the hardwood floor. I would recommend trying two back at a time and two front at a time instead of all 4 at the same time."
Vaughn M
2009-08-20 00:00:00
"We are extremely pleased with the Thera-Paw Dog Shoes. For the first time in almost a month Zeke was able to go for a walk in complete comfort. The Thera-Paw Dog Shoe has become an important part of his care during the on-going treatment of his persistent corns. The relief he is feeling and his ability to once again take part in family walks cannot be measured. Thank you for producing this remarkable product."
Susan P
2009-04-16 00:00:00
"The Thera-Paw Shoes are wonderful. By using the recommended measuring guide, they were a perfect fit for my beautiful Borzoi, Raina, who had a spinal cord clot that left her with rear end weakness. Her pads don't get the workout they used to so she's unable to tolerate rough, slippery, and hot surfaces. The Thera-Paw Dog Shoes are so well designed, easy to don, and so secure that she was able to adjust relatively quickly to wearing them. The durability and thickness of the neoprene, velcro closures and strapping, and venting features added to quality construction make these a great buy!

Susan and a more secure Raina"
Laurel L
2008-11-14 00:00:00
"These are the best shoes I've found for my dog. His paw was severly damaged and the padding in this shoe provided him the best comfort to walk on gravel and pavement. "