Power Paws - Black - L

Power Paws - Black - L
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Each package of Power Paws contains two pair (4 socks) total. Depending on your dog’s specific need, Power Paws can be worn on some, or on all four paws at once.

Traction for senior dogs, you may need just one pair for the back paws, or your dog may need traction on all four paws. Power Paws give dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other neuro-skeletal issues the power to stand, the power to go, and the power to stop!

Slippery floors. If your young, middle-aged or aging dog runs through the house and skids on your floors, you should put them on all four feet. This is also useful for dogs that have lost the confidence to walk on hardwood or tile. Power Paws make movement easier, increasing your pet’s quality of life.

*Outdoor use is not recommended.

 Size  Weight  Breed Examples
 XXS   less than 12 lbs   chihuahua, maltese, min pin
 XS   12 to 25 lbs   small terriers, yorkies
 S   25 to 45 lbs   poodles, small bulldog breeds
 M   45 to 75 lbs   larger terrier breeds, larger bulldog breeds
 L   75 to 95 lbs   labradors, boxer, doberman
 XL   95 to 130 lbs   shepards, rottweilers, basset hounds
 XXL   130 to 180 lbs   great danes, bernese mountain dogs

*Individual fit may vary. Our size guides are based on averages.

Power Paws look small, but do stretch a lot.  A loose fit will slide around the foot and not provide traction!

If the size is right, Power Paws will stay on when playing, climbing stairs, walking, etc. A proper fit is a snug, stretched sock allowing the elastic to hold the sock in place. If you can put a finger in the sock, the fit is good. If the sock is too small, you will not be able to put  it on your dog’s foot. If the sock is too large, it will rotate (so the grip rolls to the side or top of the sock), or it may fall off completely.

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