DogLeggs Hock Sock

DogLeggs Hock Sock
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DogLeggs coverage solution for the hock (lower joint on rear legs). The main uses of DogLeggs’ Hock Sock are decubital ulcers, hygroma, arthritis and lick granulomas. There is no other coverage product for the hock that has the ability to stay on a dog and provide the necessary protection.

The DogLeggs' Hock Socks are constructed utilizing the same products as the DogLeggs' Front Leg Wraps, Malden Mills Power Stretch RX and Airprene. These materials both wick moisture away and are breathable, which allows the Hock Sock to be worn for long periods of time.

In order to insure proper fit, we ask you to measure your pet, following the instructions below. At chek out you'll be asked to supply this measurement information.


Which Leg? Left _____ Right _____
#1 ___________ Measure around your dog’s leg 1” above the point of the hock.
#2 ___________ Measure around your dog’s leg at  the point of the hock.
#3 ___________ Measure around your dog’s leg at the flexion point above the paw.
#4 ___________ Measure from the point of the hock to the top of the paw.


Wear and Care Instructions

All DogLeggs products are designed and manufactured to provide both comfort and durability. The proper use of this DogLeggs’ product is essential to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect.

The proper use of this product includes the following:

  • Please supervise your animal during the use of this product particularly during the initial introduction period of use.
  • This product must be removed at least once a day and inspected for cleanliness and wear.
  • You must thoroughly inspect your animal at least once a day for any signs of irritation due to the use of this product and if found you must immediately discontinue use and contact either DogLeggs or your veterinary professional.
  • If the product becomes soiled it should be washed in accordance with the care instructions. Particular attention should be paid if this product is worn over an open wound.
  • To provide maximum performance and longevity of the product it is recommended that the product be washed at least once every week.
  • If the product shows excessive ware or is torn, chewed or otherwise modified, please discontinue use and contact DogLeggs to purchase a replacement.

Again thank you for this purchase and if you have any additional questions on the proper care and use of this product, please go to the DogLeggs website at for additional information or contact information.


DogLeggs products are designed to offer comfort and support for your pet in certain situations. Use of DogLeggs products needs to be coordinated with the course of treatment for your pet recommended by your veterinary professional; they should not be viewed as independent treatment.

DogLeggs LLC warrants that DogLeggs products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. This warranty does not extend to damage caused by your pet or misuse of any product.

*Custom Order's may require additional day's for processing and shipping.



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Customer Reviews

Judith M
2012-03-21 00:00:00
"great item!"
2011-06-17 00:00:00
"This is about the 4th pair of hock socks we've ordered for Iris and it is an essential product for her comfort. Now we're looking forward to ordering the hock and tarsal supports so that she can continue to take modest walks in spite of her arthritis. We're so grateful that these products exist."
2011-04-22 00:00:00
" It didn't take him long to get used to wearing it.but He does take it off when in his pen at night. The Velcro has lots of straw sticking to it. It is helping a little [ more if I could get him to leave it alone at night. "
2010-02-04 00:00:00
"Love the HockSocks. Just ordered two new pair - one as a backup. Thanks to your product my dog can go out for walks without scraping the bottom of her feet on asphalt. Fabulous product and I am grateful for your invention.
2009-10-10 00:00:00
"We ordered two hock socks as Iris has arthritis in both her hind legs. Because of the severity of her condition, her hocks have dropped to the point where the bottom of her "feet" have blistered scraping along the concrete outside. Now that she has her protective socks, taking walks is possible again and she even has extra pep in her step!! I'm so happy you've engineered this product. My only issues are that they are sometime difficult to get on - especially if she's not relaxed. It's hard to position all three areas where they clasp and sometimes they come off while we're walking. The other thing is that they're already filthy and labor intensive to clean without throwing them in the washing machine which you do not recommend. Nevertheless, I have no regrets and your hock socks have improved the quality of Iris's life because she can go out and enjoy a walk, pain free. Thank you!"