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Helping Your Senior Dog Lose Weight Will Keep Them Younger

By Leslie Gallagher McMahon CCMT, CCRT

The call from Alex's owner was typical. "My dog is somewhat overweight and needs to have surgery for a torn cruciate... read more

Eating Grass not Unusual in Pets

Grass eating occurs frequently among dogs and cats and it is thought to be normal behaviour. Feral cats, (i.e. cats... read more

Flea Bites Can Cause Allergies

Pets Can Become Allergic to Flea Bites Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) also termed flea-bite hypersensitivity,... read more

Basic Dental Care for Your Pets

Senior Pet Products Staff Writer

Your pet needs dental care – regular, professional care from your veterinarian, as well as care at home from... read more

Putting your Pet on a Diet

If you are thinking of putting your pet on a diet, you must consider the pet's overall lifestyle. The two most... read more

Does Your Dog Have Arthritis?

Senior Pet Products Staff Writer

If your dog could talk, understanding his/her needs would be a lot easier. But since dogs cannot speak, they can't... read more

Enhancing the Lives of Senior Pets

Tom Niemeyer

As we grow older and our bodies start to ache, our pets go through the same thing. We realize that, for... read more

Animals Can Suffer From Asthma

Asthma is a disease that can affect both dogs and cats. It results in an obstruction of the airways when the bronchi... read more

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