You can't begin taking proper care of your pets teeth too early...

Correct puppy care and senior care are the most important stages of a pets’ life. Senior care begins at various ages depending on breeds and size. Variance is not fully understood. Giant breeds may predate the senior stage that occurs typically when pets become 7 years of age.

Many factors influence. Special diets have been developed for many pet diseases. Health care screenings that minimally include urinalysis and lab work are also important. Early disease detection in many cases can be a key to success. Some senior pets may require additional diagnostics such as radiographs and ultrasound. Remember that if you do not seek (diagnostics) you will never find (disease).

We are fortunate now as several senior products have been developed or are in development that helps senior pets with arthritis, nerve damage and heart disease.

Dental care may indeed be the mainstay to senior care and frankly should begin with puppies and kittens. Train your pup to allow you to brush their teeth daily. Special toys, treats and diets help reduce plaque bacteria and calculus in dogs and cats that don’t allow brushing. Annual dental exams for life are paramount to conquering dental disease for dental treatment plans and cleanings can be done as needed instead of after the fact.

Annual in depth teeth cleaning and dental care appears to clinically increase longevity and improves general body health by reducing the huge oral bacterial population, which is rivaled only by the bacterial population of the colon.

Advanced dental care allows the senior pet to live a higher quality of life without chronic, painful and undiagnosed toothaches.

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