Dog Wheelchair a Real ‘Pick-Me-Up’ For Aging Pets

(Langley, WA - USA)
Ever see the sadness in an older dog’s eyes as they lay there, staring out the window
at the younger, happier dogs frolicking and playing together outside? Imagine yourself
in his position: First--lying down, with shooting pain in the joints each time
you try to lift yourself up, Second--unable to tell someone, “Hey! How about
getting me fitted with a DOG WHEELCHAIR by K9 Carts?”

When the time is at hand, and your pet is facing mobility issues due to age, it may be
time to consider getting her a dog wheelchair. Whether it’s a Pembroke Corgi who’s lost her stride; a Great Dane with wobbly hind quarters; or a grey-muzzled pug just trying to get around on two good legs, the experienced hands at K9 Carts can outfit a mobility-impaired older “Senior” pet with a dog wheelchair created specifically for that dog’s needs.

As creators of the first dog wheelchairs over fifty years ago, K9 Carts leads the industry
today bringing pets and their owners new and exciting pet mobility products that offer restored quality of life. A dog’s happiness is directly correlated to its ability to be mobile. According to K9 Carts owner, Barbara Parkes, “The cart will give your pet total mobility while taking stress off the rest of the body and keep the front legs stronger so they can get back to their normal routines again.” That’s sage advice from the folks who’ve turned a dog’s frown upside down for over fifty years.

--By Tom Niemeyer

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  • Updated: 4/25/2018: 11:16:05 AM ET
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