Enhancing the Lives of Senior Pets

As we grow older and our bodies start to ache, our pets go through the same thing. We realize that, for instance, we can no longer ski down mountains without stopping or perhaps, our long walks with our pets need to be cut short because Fido is out of breath.

At this stage, it’s quite possible that your dog--just like you--is kind of  bummed out that he can’t be the spry young pup he once was; running-around all day in the sunshine, seemingly without end. Face it: For dogs and humans alike: a loss of mobility can be a real bummer.

“A dog’s happiness is directly linked to its ability to be mobile,” said K9 Carts owner, Barbara Parkes. “A dog wheelchair can give your pet total mobility while taking stress off the rest of the body and keeping the front legs stronger...this will give a dog a much-needed feeling of confidence, elevating its mood.” Her passion for helping pets and their owners shines through on every word she speaks. “It’s so rewarding to see a dog run off in her cart for the first time!” she says with joy.

Unlike their owners, dogs cannot speak about what they are feeling. But to Parkes, it’s evident that sadness will set in for a dog who is confined yet wants to be active. She said they simply need to be given the right tools and their happiness will return. She suggests, that for common rear limb weakness a Dog Wheelchair such as the “Standard 2-Wheel” cart from K9 Carts is a good first step. If faced with an older dog that’s experiencing total immobility from weakness in all four limbs, Parkes suggests a fully-supportive pet wheelchair. Parkes recommends that pet owners stay in close contact with their vet if an owner feels unsure about diagnosing their pet themselves.

--By Tom Niemeyer

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  • Updated: 4/25/2018: 10:59:15 AM ET
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