There are many options for feeding your pets. Caring pet owners are always looking for...

A natural approach

There are many options for feeding your pets. Caring pet owners are always looking for the best, most natural approach to meeting the nutritional needs of the furry household members. Is there a way to feed your pets for optimal health? Of course there is and you just found it - Rotations„·.

Rotations„·is modeled after a natural diet, something that dogs in the wild would consume. The variety helps provide optimal amino acid profiles for optimal protein nutrition and helps prevent allergies and nutritional deficiencies. Modern nutritional features, such as antioxidants and omega fatty acids are added to meet the needs of modern day pets.

Nutritional deficiencies

Veterinary nutritionists have recently begun raising the question of whether or not it is possible for one pet food to be truly complete and balanced and able to meet a dog’s nutritional requirements for life. Science makes new discoveries each and every day and it is quite possible that scientists will reveal that single diet feeding may not promote optimal nutrition or health. The inadequacies of single diet feeding may not be so severe as to lead to profound nutritional deficiencies, but may prevent our dogs from achieving optimal health and longevity.

Veterinarians have been reluctant to recommend rotating diets in the past because of transition issues. Dogs can develop digestive upset when the diet is changed suddenly and can actually become quite ill. The Rotations„· system was designed for ease of transition. Beginning Rotations„·for the first time requires a gradual transition from the previous brand that was being fed. Once this transition is made, it is ok to change recipes at each meal, daily, weekly, monthly or simply when each bag runs out.
The three unique formulas have a variety of protein sources and all are free of wheat and corn, the two grains that are culprits in food allergies. The Premium Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe is made with chicken, herring and egg proteins. The Wild Salmon with Peas and Carrots Recipe has salmon and turkey protein. And finally, the New Zealand Lamb and Potato Recipe contains lamb, ocean fish and turkey proteins.

Food allergy

Did you know that 70% of dogs that develop food allergies have been eating the same food for 2 years or more? Food allergies and intolerances are becoming more prevalent than ever before.
Dogs that develop allergic disease often have a hereditary component to their allergy. This simply means that the family tree plays a role in many allergic disorders. However, you may or may not know your pet’s family history and therefore might want to take some steps to help prevent a problem from occurring.
There is a theory behind allergic disease in children, which has not yet been proven in our pets, but it certainly makes a lot of sense. This theory suggests that children who are kept in very clean environments, rarely exposed to dirt or disease, will have exaggerated immune responses to substances that are not harmful (such as foods). According to this theory, it is best to expose children to a reasonable amount of dirt and a large variety of foods in order to prevent the abnormal immune reactions of allergic disease.
We suggest that you begin rotating diets as soon as your puppy comes home. This will allow his immune system to be exposed to a variety of proteins, which will all be recognized as non-harmful substances that do not deserve a reaction.
Even if your dog is an adult or a senior, it is not too late to begin the Rotations„· program. Prolonged exposure to proteins in the food is the exact mechanism for the development of food allergies. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to rotate your dog’s diet and break the cycle of prolonged exposure.

Why not homemade?

In the past, homemade diets were the only option for pet owners who wanted to provide a variety of proteins and grains to their pets without having to make a gradual diet transition from one food to the next. Pet owners find that homemade diets are very costly, very time consuming and very difficult to balance nutritionally. Published recipes for homemade diets may or may not be balanced, and fluctuations in the nutrient content of various ingredients could cause even a balanced diet to become imbalanced.
Rotations„· recipes solve the problems of homemade diets by offering convenience, a variety without requiring transitions between formulas and balanced nutrition, guaranteed.

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